Video reviews on your product pages!

Your clients record on video the product they just received. Their videos are then published on your product pages.

Works with Shopify, Prestashop, and Magento.

Your client orders a product

After the order is delivered, we invite your client to record a video describing the product.

We record his review video

On our plateform, your clients record their video with just two clicks. You are notified of the last videos submitted.

The video is displayed on your produt page

You validate the video. We publish it automatically on the corresponding product page.

90% of buyers declare that product videos are primordial in their decision process



The positive effect of a video increases the buying intention by 97% and the brand penetration rate by 139%.

Higher conversion rate

Video guide your clients in their decision taking.

Increased trust

Real user stories cement the trust between you and your customers.

Better visibility

Video increases you page rank in Google search results.

Improved customer relationship

Your customers feel involved with your brand: they may come again.

The chances of landing on the first page of a Google search is 53 times higher by using a video


AvisVideo in action

Your administration panel

One minute of video is more effective than 1.8 million words in order to convince your target.


Our mission

  • Enrich the interaction between online shops and their visitors.